Tuesday, August 26, 2008

My Baby is in Kindergarten!!

It seems odd to be the mother of TWO elementary school children. It feels even more odd to not have ANY preschoolers/babies at home in the mornings. But after two days, I've concluded that this might just be a good thing! Some alone time in the morning is nice. I certainly wouldn't want it for very long, though.

Evan was not at ALL worried about going back to school. Or at least if he was nervous, he didn't show it. I woke the kids up early on Monday so we could be sure we had enough time to get ready. I started our Children's Miracle Music CD, and let the "wake up" music start playing. I then gently stroked Evan's arms and legs to get him to wake up. Nothing. He was still dreaming. So in my sweetest voice I said, "Good Morning!" Evan rubbed his little eyes vigorously. I told him to just let himself wake up, that he didn't have to get up till this song was over and it was time to make his bed, but he sat right up and said, "No! I'm awake! I'm awake!" He was very excited to start Kindergarten this morning! And he didn't want to be late and miss it!

Here he is, all ready to head to the bus:

How did they get so big??

I LOVE that the bus stop is at the park right across the street. There are lots of kids at that stop. Here they are waiting for the bus:
And waiting with Evan's best friend (whom he's decided he will marry some day):

Getting on the bus:

After I put Evan on the bus, I drove down to the school to make sure he got to the right place! The kids played for a minute, and the bell rang, and they all lined up. (Do I sense just a hint of nervousness in this face?)
Then they waved goodbye: And walked through the door. (Mrs Bryson is the blonde with a blue shirt. We LOVE her!)
I then took the long walk to the car all alone. There were several parents walking that direction, and the school principle walked the other way. He must've seen our sad faces, because he called out, "It's okay, Parents! Don't be sad. We will love them!" He's such a good man. He knew just what we were feeling. I got in the car, and just cried a little bit! I remember when Brooke went to Kindergarten that first day, Evan and I BOTH cried the whole way home! I'm actually excited to have a few hours alone during the day. I think the one problem with a milestone like this one, is this really is the day I realize that my children DO grow up. :( As much as I wish I could bottle up their cute little baby selves, and save them to peek at on a hard day, I know it is inevitable. I do miss my babies, I just have to learn how to cherish the NEW milestones and focus on those. They won't be babies forever. But they will always be MY babies!


Rebecca said...

I love your cute kids! It made me sad to think of Evan going to school and growing up, but I'm glad he's so excited. We sure miss you guys!

Marjorie Hogge said...

Oh how i loved the pictures of the kids, they look way to big, much bigger than when i saw them last week! I looked for Vincent's kindergarten picture this morning but could not find it, but i can still remember him going!

Marjorie Hogge said...

I can tell I love your Principal! What a great thing to do!

Sarah Coyne said...

Ah, this is so sweet! I love the picture of Brooke and Evan holding hands. So tender. I'm glad that he had a good first day!

Mama M said...

Indeed they will always be your babies, just as you, and your four sisters and two brother, are still mine!

I so loved it when you told me about your school principal's reassuring words to you. Having met him, it did not surprise me. It is evident that he loves his job and that he loves and cares deeply about children and their parents. I am so thankful that B & E are at such a great school, and that it is just a four minute walk from Grammy's house!

Thanks for the pictures.

Joanna said...

Your kids are way tall! (Or should I say Vince's kids are way tall?)

Becky said...

Hahaha. Yeah. Thanks Jo. But like you have any room to talk, shorty!

Sarah, I love the holding hands pic too. They are very sweet with each other. I love that.

Mama M, I too am SO blessed that their school is so wonderful and so close to you!!

Palomita said...

Awww... at least Evan let you go to the school. Bethany wouldn't let me. "I know where to go, Mom" she kept telling me. Then I gave Bekah instructions on helping her. Turned out, Bethany was right, she didn't need any help!

Eeek, it's hard to let them go, isn't it?