Thursday, February 26, 2009

Feeling Huge!!

Sorry I'm not a very good poster anymore. I feel like my life is crazy and boring, so I: 1. Don't have much time to post and 2. Don't have much to post about. But I took belly pics again so you all can see how huge I am.

I'm officially 26 weeks today. One week left of the 2nd trimester! Woohoo! Almost to the home stretch. I can't tell you how excited I am for spring and everything that will come because of it. Vince will be back home and not traveling every week!! :D And of course, 3 more months till the baby is here! We're all anxiously awaiting her arrival.

And I'm mostly excited to stop gaining weight! I seriously am floored by how much I'm packing on. In the beginning I was so sick, I just ate ANYTHING that even remotely looked good. Then I started feeling better, and was ravenously hungry, so I ate EVERYTHING that looked good! And then I realized I need to be careful. I got back on track and for the past few months I've focused on getting my 5 fruits/veggies a day, drinking lots of water, and walking/jogging at least a few times per week. But even after being careful for the past few months, I'm still packing on about 1 1/2 pounds EVERY week! It's very disconcerting. Especially because I worked so hard to get it off, and I just moan whenever I step on the scale and realize I'm going to have to do it all again. But I'm really trying to keep telling myself that as long as I'm being careful, doing what is reasonable, that my body will do what it needs to in order to have a healthy baby. That's what I tell myself anyway!

So here, for you all to see, is what I look like now at the end of my 2nd trimester:

Yeah. Okay, let's move on...

Here are also some cute pictures of my kids making their Valentine's for their parties a couple of weeks ago. I actually love that I can give my kids some cardstock, a bunch of stickers, hearts, and glue, and let them have at it. Making Valentine's turns into a great art project that keeps them busy for hours!

And now here are a couple silly baby stories: The first one happened today, actually, as I was helping out in Evan's Kindergarten classroom. I was standing next to his FABULOUS teacher (wink, wink, I know you read my blog! ;0) while she was giving last instructions to the kids before it was time to leave. And one cute little boy out of the blue looks at me and says, "Hey, you got a baby in your tummy?" So I laughed and said, "Yes, can you tell?" And he says, "Yeah. You know, it hurts A LOT when you have a baby!!" So Evan's teacher asked him how he knew that it hurts a lot. "Because they had to shuction cup me out!" It was very adorable. But at the same time, I'm thinking, Thanks for the pep-talk, kid! Yeah. I know it hurts a lot! :D

One other funny thing. Months ago, when we were first discussing with the kids about having another baby, I asked them about what names they thought sounded good for a new baby. Brooke's ideas weren't too bad. I think she came up with Max for a boy or Chloe (?) for a girl. But Evan had the best ideas! He wanted to name the baby Ness for a boy (you know, like from the Nintendo game--gotta love boys) or if it was a girl, he wanted to name her Falina!! Pronounced Fuh-leen-uh!! What?? Apparently it was one of the names Brooke made up when the kids were playing pretend. It's hilarious what they think is a good name for a baby!

And just so you can all sleep better tonight, Vince & I have decided to name our little baby something that ISN'T Falina! :D But it was a good suggestion, Evan!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

"I'm My Own Grandpa"

We had an interesting conversation at dinner this evening...

It started out as Brooke's comment on how many cousins one of her friends has...

Then turned into a discussion of 1st cousins, 2nd cousins, and 1st cousins once removed...

Then sparked a memory Vince had of an old song he used to know from the radio program, "Dr. Demento"...

Here's the "Muppet" version: