Monday, August 11, 2008

Childless Today

I'm feeling a little sad, and a little lonely today. My wonderful Mother-in-law took BOTH our kids up to MT to visit them this week. Which means I'm childless for the next 4 days! It's been very quiet around here. I've been looking forward to this for weeks, and yet when it was time to say goodbye, I still shed a few tears! They were fine, but I was sad because I knew how much I'd miss them. I'm sure they won't even have time to miss me; Grandma is way too fun for that!

The good news is that I've got all this free time to get my projects done that have been on my list all Summer! Today I'm tackling their room, since they won't be around to cry when I throw away their favorite trinket they got in a kid's meal 2 years ago! I LOVE it when I get in the "toss-it" mood and just want to chuck every little piece of junk. Good thing they're gone and they won't know what's missing!

The other nice thing is that Vince's parents also let us have the use of their boat for the week!! So, does anybody want to come skiing with us?!!


Mama M said...

Funny how the little rascals work their way under your skin, isn't it? Oh, and thank you for taking Joseph out on the boat for his 17th birthday today. Glad he got to do at least one thing that was fun!

Sarah Coyne said...

Ah, it's bittersweet isn't it when the kids leave for a day or two!
I know what you mean about the tossing things out. I tried to throw out the stupidest American Idol toy Nathan got in a happy meal like a year ago. Of course he threw a tantrum, even though he hasn't played with it since he got it! I will have to take your lead and do a sorting out when he's away!

Sheri Willardson said...

Oh, how jealous I am of your break-I say, ENJOY the time to yourself! I love my little girls, but what I wouldn't give for 4 days alone-my house would become a museum!:) I wish I was there in Utah because I would LOVE to come water skiing with you!

Palomita said...

I'm looking forward to school starting on FRIDAY to do just that - I've canceled all my music lessons next week, and plan on spending the WHOLE week cleaning the house - top to bottom.

Wish I could go water-skiing, too!

Love you!

Nurse Heidi said...

Oooh bliss. But I would miss my kids too! I totally need a whole week to dejunk without any "help" from my little friends. They're both hoarders of cruddy little trinkets. I recently counted 5 barely touched birthday party bags on the dresser. Heaven forbid I throw them away, though.

Marjorie Hogge said...

You have wonderful children and I has so much fun with them, lets do it again!!